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We handle all types of litigation, representing both those individuals or entities suing another as well as those individuals or entities being sued by another. Our attorneys have handled lawsuits of all kinds and sizes, from cases with a total value of under ten thousand dollars to those in which millions of dollars are in dispute. We have litigated in multiple courts, both state and federal, including the local district courts, the county Courts of Common Pleas, the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Additionally, our firm's litigation experience and expertise covers most areas of the law, including contract, tort, real estate, personal property, construction, products liability and employment law.

The firm recognizes that any type of litigation can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly for a client, and we pride ourselves on making the litigation process as seamless and inexpensive as possible, emphasizing excellent attorney-client communication and aggressive and creative litigation resolutions throughout the litigation process. While doing so, we always remain mindful of the cost of the litigation in relation to the anticipated benefit of the lawsuit, and advise our clients accordingly.

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