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Real Estate

Transactional Real Estate
Our firm provides all types of legal services and many years of experience in the real estate area. In fact, one of the firm's partners, Michael R. Perna, is also a licensed Pennsylvania real estate broker. We routinely draft or review Agreements of Sale and represent clients throughout the purchase or sale of real property. As attorneys who are also authorized title agents, we can also perform all title and deed work relative to the purchase of real property, including obtaining title insurance for the client at a significant discount. We will conduct the settlement of the property, including ensuring that all mortgages, property taxes and other encumbrances on the property are paid and/or removed prior to closing, that clear and marketable title to the property is passed from seller(s) to buyer(s), that the buyer financing is in place in time for settlement, that the proper net settlement proceeds are paid to the seller(s), and that the properly-prepared, properly-executed, and properly-notarized deed and other documents are timely recorded at the Recorder of Deeds.

Our attorneys are also experienced in handling all types of zoning matters, including those involving variances and special exceptions, and in ushering a proposed real estate development through the subdivision process.

Real Estate Litigation
Our firm has handled almost every type of litigation relative to real property, including but not limited to:
  • actions between builders and developers;
  • actions against home builders and construction contractors due to faulty workmanship in building/repairing a home;
  • actions to recover real estate commissions owed to realtors;
  • actions against realtors who failed to adequately perform their tasks while representing a buyer or seller;
  • actions by buyers against sellers for failure to properly and adequately disclose property defects during the sale of real property;
  • actions to quiet title to a piece of real property;
  • actions to force a sale of property by a property owner;
  • actions to obtain use or dimensional variances from zoning ordinances; and
  • actions relative to a property's zoning classification.

Landlord-Tenant Matters
We represent both landlords and tenants (not in the same case) in commercial and residential leases of varying degrees of complexity, ranging from simple apartment leases to complex commercial office/retail leases. If requested, we assist with the negotiation and drafting of such documents so as to minimize the potential for later disputes, and in leases where disputes have already arisen, we attempt to negotiate a satisfactory resolution prior to proceeding to litigation. Whether drafting a lease or litigating a landlord-tenant dispute, our firm remains cognizant of our client's rights and responsibilities under all applicable landlord-tenant laws.

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