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Child Support

We Know How to Diffuse This Highly-Charged Family Issue

Experienced Child Support Lawyers in Chester County, PA

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children. At Perna & Abracht, LLC, we take that obligation very seriously. Our child support lawyers can assist you with reaching a fair support agreement, work to ensure that court-issued child support orders are appropriately enforced, or modified (increased or decreased) when justified, and help you with any other child support or custody issues that may arise.

Supportive, Affordable Child Support Attorneys

Our child and spousal support attorneys understand that family situations involving financial issues are often complex and emotionally charged. Although conflict may arise, a good child support lawyer can help keep the focus on your children’s well-being and allow you to deal with the situation in a more objective manner, reducing your stress and the negative impact it can have on your children. We know that these circumstances can be extremely challenging and advise you on the most effective solutions to ensure that your rights are protected and your children receive the support they need. Our child support lawyers offer a free consultation and are committed to helping you understand how the process works. Our experienced legal team can assist you with:

  • Child Support Lawyers​Child support petitions, orders and reviews
  • Court hearings
  • Accurate child support guidelines and calculations
  • Types of income that are included when determining child support
  • Determining how co-parenting, equal parenting time, and other custody issues affect child support
  • Administrative reviews based on unemployment or disability
  • Requesting a deviation amount that is higher or lower than guidelines
  • Collecting child support arrears
  • Modification of Pennsylvania child support arrearage
  • Issues surrounding health insurance and medical expenses for your child
  • Issues of paternity
  • Locating a noncustodial parent
  • Educational issues such as paying for college for children over 18
  • Support for disabled adult children
  • Understanding the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA)
  • Our child support lawyers can also help you with issues of child custody, divorce, spousal support and domestic violence.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Include:

I Need to Modify An Existing Child Support Order. Can Your Attorneys Help?

Our skilled family law attorneys can help you determine whether a modification of an existing child support order is necessary based on your individual situation. Circumstances such as unemployment, disability, incarceration, changes in custody, childcare and income can all affect the amount of child support you receive or are obligated to pay.

Am I Required to Pay Child Support With 50/50 Custody?

Although equal parenting time arrangements typically reduce a support payer’s child support obligation, they do not necessarily release parents from child support obligations. A court may consider the earning potential and income of both parents and order the parent who earns more to pay child support. Although these issues can be contentious, it is important to remember that these payments are made for the benefit of the child. Our knowledgeable child support attorneys can help you understand how and why certain support determinations are made when it comes to shared custody.

Here are some steps to take if you find yourself in the middle of a child custody battle.


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Issues related to child support are multifaceted. Having the best child support lawyer in your corner can help take some of the burden off your shoulders and ensure your children are well taken care of.   Contact us here or call us at 610-444-0933 to schedule a consultation with an experienced child support lawyer at Perna & Abracht, LLC.

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