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Being charged with a crime can put your freedom, financial security and reputation at risk. Whether you are facing serious felony charges or have been charged with a misdemeanor, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side is critical to ensuring that your rights are protected. Our attorneys have years of experience handling all types of criminal cases and are dedicated to helping you reach the best possible outcome for your case.

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers You Can Trust

Even minor criminal charges can leave you and your family stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. Having a criminal defense attorney as your staunch advocate can take some of the weight off your shoulders. Attorney Ryan Borchik, who leads our criminal defense team, is a former prosecutor who uses his unique perspective and prosecutorial experience to advocate for clients who are facing criminal charges.

Our team knows how to investigate criminal cases, and works with you to build the strongest possible defense for charges involving:

When Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you’ve been taken into custody or charged with a crime, the sooner you find legal representation, the better. It is vital to speak with an attorney before being interviewed by police, prosecutors, or other investigators. You are not obligated to say anything or answer any questions without legal counsel present. Although a public defender may be appointed to handle your case, hiring a seasoned criminal defense attorney to represent you can mean the difference between having charges reduced or dismissed and facing prison time. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers at Perna & Abracht, LLC will talk with you, assess your case, and advise you of your options and the best way to protect your rights.

Why Should You Hire Our Criminal Defense Attorneys?

Criminal defendants have protections under the law, such as being read your Miranda rights, which give you the right to remain silent when you are placed under arrest. However, if you are unfamiliar with how the criminal justice system works, it is easy to make mistakes and say or do things that can jeopardize your case.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers are skilled negotiators who are often able to get charges reduced or dismissed without ever going to trial. Our team thoroughly investigates the evidence against you, for any inconsistencies, errors, or other potential issues. Your defense lawyer will inquire about every aspect of your encounters with law enforcement to determine whether they followed proper protocols during their investigation and your arrest. If your criminal case goes to trial, our attorneys will present an aggressive defense to clearly and effectively counter the accusations the prosecution has brought against you, and to potentially convince a judge or jury of your innocence. At Perna & Abracht, LLC, we care about you and the outcome of your case. Regardless of the type of charges you may be facing, we always put our best foot forward to ensure that all of our clients receive the best legal counsel possible.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Perna & Abracht

Here are some situations when self-defense can be claimed.


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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is vital to seek quality legal counsel right away. Our criminal defense lawyers can evaluate your case and help you understand and protect your rights. We serve clients throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. Contact us online or call 610-444-0933 to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal attorney today.

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