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Being involved in a child custody battle can be emotionally and financially draining. When things get heated, it is easy to lose sight of your objectives. Our custody attorneys advise clients on what to do and what not to do amidst a custody dispute. These tips can help you deal with tense situations and increase your chances of gaining custody while keeping your children’s best interests at the forefront.

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Hire A Child Custody Lawyer

In a contentious custody battle, it is not a good idea to go it alone. Family law in Pennsylvania is complex, and the best divorce lawyers are also skilled at dealing with child custody issues and matters, including child support. An attorney can evaluate your case, help you form a strategy, and guide you through the process every step of the way. Having a skilled lawyer in your corner can help to ensure that your rights and your children’s well-being are protected.

Be Objective

There is no doubt that emotions run high when it comes to issues involving children. Try not to get wrapped-up in the drama of the situation – practicing compassion and putting yourself in the other parent’s shoes can go a long way in resolving custody issues. It is also important to ask yourself what your motivations are. Are you doing what is best for your children? Sometimes the answers to these questions can be hard to swallow, but can also make things easier and more pleasant for everyone in the long run. Because your attorney is not emotionally attached to the situation, he or she can provide an objective perspective that may help you see things in a different light.

Gather Evidence and Documentation

It is vital to have evidence that supports your case. This can be anything from keeping a record of your co-parent’s involvement in school or other activities, their interactions with you and your children, and even witness testimony. The more you know about your children, the better. Make sure you are up on what is going on in their lives, whether it is knowing the names of their teachers, the subjects they like studying, any hobbies or sports they enjoy, or more serious matters such as their medical needs. Do not attempt to stretch the truth or fabricate evidence in your favor. Honesty is always the best policy, even if you fear that a custody agreement will not turn out exactly as you wish.

Try Alternative Dispute Resolution First

Settling a custody dispute out of court can help save you time, money, and aggravation. Not only that, it is better for your children as well. Even if you are angry with your co-parent, being flexible can help you come to a reasonable agreement in a more timely manner. If you and your co-parent have a hard time with civil communication, your attorney can handle negotiations and act as your advocate.

Present a Positive Image

When you’re going through a child custody battle, your image and behavior are under a microscope. Your role as a parent and attentiveness to your children will be scrutinized, so it is important to conduct yourself with dignity. Do not badmouth your co-parent to your children or anyone else. It can have a negative impact on your kids, and you never know when your words may come back to bite you. Avoid using social media if you can. Do not post anything about your divorce or custody case. It is also important to refrain from posting pictures that show you consuming alcohol or drugs. Even an innocent photo of you enjoying a glass of wine after work can be misrepresented as a problem.

Whether you are in mediation or a courtroom, always dress conservatively, be polite, and be on time. These seemingly-little things can make a significant impression on judges, social workers, and others who may be involved in your case.

Even in the best of circumstances, issues surrounding child custody can arise. A child custody lawyer in Chester County, Pennsylvania can assist you with your case, improve your chances of a successful resolution, and take some of the burden off your shoulders during challenging times.