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A divorce is a complex legal proceeding, sometimes taking years to complete. There are actions you can take that are likely to assist a divorce lawyer in achieving your best possible outcome:

Minimize Emotion

This likely is a difficult time for you emotionally, yet your best decisions and plans are not made when you are feeling emotional. Rationally analyze your decision to pursue the divorce. Is this what you truly want? Have you tried every possible avenue to achieve a reconciliation? Ask yourself these questions at a time when you are feeling calm and in control of your emotions.

Your Rapport with Your Divorce Attorney

Because divorce is complex and may take longer than you expected to complete, you should select an attorney with whom you feel a strong rapport. There is no substitute for the years of experience with divorce and custody cases that your law firm can bring to the table.


As your divorce progresses, you will realize the importance of financial and other documents. However, you should be gathering all the documents before you file for divorce. It’s advisable to make copies of bank and investment account statements, phone records, credit card statements, mortgages, and car loans and bring them when you meet with your divorce attorney. After you have filed for divorce, it might be difficult to gather all the documents that will impact your marital settlement.

Child Custody

For many families, child custody is the most emotional issue in a divorce. It’s likely you will share custody of minor children. To assist you in achieving a custody arrangement that is agreeable to you, review your work schedule and your children’s schedule, and other commitments you have, and define a custody schedule that will work for you. This provides your child custody lawyer with a concrete goal to work toward.

Buying or Selling

Once you have filed for divorce, the judge will prohibit you and your spouse from buying, selling or disposing of marital property. Let’s say you need a new car or have been planning to sell a rental property. It’s best to do this now before your file for divorce.

Your Living Situation

It’s important to define your desired living situation during and after the divorce. Then discuss this with your child support lawyer who will advise you about how to behave in order to achieve your goals. For instance, moving out of your home, even on a temporary basis, prior to your divorce may have an impact on when or if you will be able to return to your residence.

Joint Accounts

Talk to your attorney about joint bank accounts and credit cards. He or she will advise you about the best way to handle these accounts. The concern is that a joint account can be drained or burdened with inflated spending once your spouse becomes aware of your intent to divorce.

No Time for Romance

Prior to and during a divorce, it is not a good idea to start a new romantic relationship. Keep your focus on your home life and making sure your children are secure and well-cared-for. A romance is a distraction that could also compromise your position in the eyes of the court.

If you have are contemplating divorce, you need experienced lawyers who have handled these cases before such as the team at Perna & Abracht, LLC. If you have a specific question about your situation, and want an answer without any obligation, you can ask the Chester County divorce attorney at Perna & Abracht here.